Shona Sculpture

You may not off heard of Shona Sculpture before but as you browse this website and others, you’ll be shown a really wonderful set of forms, made from stone. Available in different sizes and very affordable.

Shona Sculpture, which has it’s roots in Africa, looks fantastic in any setting. Pieces range from small to very large. And although made from stone, come in a surprising variety of natural colours.

They look regal, as a centerpiece or blend in naturally amongst the foliage in a garden.

Sculpture from Zimbabwe

Shona Sculpture is very varied in subject matter. Which is great because that means there are shapes and styles to please everyone. In fact sometimes it’s hard to stay focused and restrict yourself to one piece. As there are so many and they are so beautiful and majestic.

The most attractive element regarding these sculptures is their tradition. The artists mainly from Zimbabwe, draw their inspiration from their rich African culture. From the myths, folklore, rituals and from ancestral spirits.

Shona sculpture head

Themes and Elements in Shona Sculpture

The main subject areas tend to be women, nude torsos, family groupings (mother and child are a very common theme). Wild animals, animals which represent the spirits and feature in Shona folklore are also commonly found. In a similar way abstract shapes and forms are used to depict the wind spirit and forces of nature or deeper emotions, such as love, friendship, loyalty. And just abstract compositions of intertwining elements, that look like they are modeled from soft clay but were actually chiseled from hard stone. The choice is incredible and truly amazing.

The artists are incredibly well trained in their craft. And there’s a tradition in Zimbabwe where young sculptors use more experienced sculptors as mentors. Their stone sculptures are expertly made and finished.

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Shona stone sculpture will bring that spirit of Africa into your home and garden. And with then comes the African sun and vibrant colors, that is Africa. There is something ever so wonderful about these sculptures which touches our human spirit in an organic way and connects us to a more natural way of life.

Your home, your office, your garden, each will resonate with one of these natural organic forms. We’ve even seen one person place an abstract form in an aquarium, we’re not sure what the fish thought, but it does show the versatility of these sculptures.

More images of shona sculpture can be seen here

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