Shona Ornamental Garden Sculpture

classical statueThe Ornamental Garden

Those of us that love our gardens, care for them and put in a lot of time and effort to make them look really good. But it’s a labor of love as no garden is ever truly finished and all gardens need constant maintenance.

But this is never a chore because we have a vision or some idea of what we’re trying to achieve and so we work but in a relaxing way. Time, sun and water will do the rest.

The real pleasure is helping nature to create beautiful natural environments. Great on the eye and a tonic for the human spirit.

garden gnomesGarden Sculpture

But I’d like to introduce you to something you might not have thought our before, sculpture. Our to be more specific garden sculpture.

Garden sculpture can add both amusement and even a sense of culture into the garden. How should you go about this, well there are no rules and it’s your garden, your domain. So you choose or change as the mood takes you.

In Europe, garden gnomes were popular, many years ago. These were small colorful dwarfs,a bit like Disney’s Snow White and the seven Dwarfs. Colorful, amusing, but not to everyone’s taste.

weathered statueToday, garden sculpture ranges from classical, as in Roman and Greek gods and human figures, through Chinese/Thai Buddhas, through to African animal and abstract sculptures.

The choice is in your hands. What we would recommend is sculptures that blend into the nature foliage of the garden. The more pastel colors. Natural stone, black and white. Bright colors compete for attention and you should aim at creating harmony.

One other great thing with natural sculptures in stone or metal is that as they age they weather. And as they do so they become more integrated and our view they look better too.

Nature has this wonderful way of integrating everything over time. We as gardeners just give her a helping hand. read more here

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